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Wedding trends

Wedding trends


When planning a wedding and a wedding reception, the most important thing is to choose a theme that will guide you. It is supposed to be your big day, so bet on something that will reflect you. For example, your interests or your favorite series. Also, do not forget to choose the colors that will perfectly match the ceremony.


This day is to be remembered by you forever, so choose wedding accessories (such as cutlery, guest books, glasses). The wedding cutlery that you will cut and serve your cake must be beautiful so that it will be remembered even as a small element. But how to choose the right one? It's easy to choose the right color and look. Some of them also have an engraved inscription, in which case it is worth writing your names or, for example, your wedding date. It will be a beautiful souvenir for you that you can use even on a daily basis. Remember, however, that if you do not care about something, it will get damaged, so we recommend keeping it in a box that will not only look great, but also protect it well.


Many people choose a guestbook during their wedding, why? It is a great time machine for the bride and groom. Imagine this, you are already married a few years, and suddenly you feel nostalgic. In moments like these, it's fun to recall beautiful moments together. And in such moments it is worth having it with you. Recently, guest books have made a lot of publicity abroad, but not the paper ones, and those in which a heart with a name and a dedication to the heart is thrown. The hearts are then taken from a hand-made box.


Are as important as cutlery, and they can also be decorated identically by adding the couple's names or wedding date, but not only. We can let our imagination run wild and add flowers or some trinkets to them. They will then reflect the youthfulness more, and even the simplest drinking of champagne or wine will be something extraordinary. To keep their unearthly look, we also recommend keeping them in a beautiful personalized box.