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Personalized envelope boxes

Personalized envelope boxes

Recently, envelope boxes have become a trend on the Polish market. Of course, the motif of a wedding envelope box is not new to us because it has been on the wedding market for a very long time. However, I would like to present you envelope boxes in a slightly newer version. As you are probably already aware, wedding items can currently be personalized, e.g. by adding your name or inscriptions that are close to you. The same with envelope boxes, they can also be personalized. So let's ask ourselves, is this something worth attention?

I think this is a really interesting thing. Unique workmanship and beautiful decoration will delight the eye and heart of many people. In various colors, it will fit perfectly into various occasions, e.g. weddings, baptisms, communions. This is certainly a more interesting model than most envelope boxes, which are usually boring and do not impress with their appearance. And as we know, a wedding is supposed to be a perfect, unforgettable day, so even such a detail may be really important for some people. Not only the bride and groom will be pleased, but also the guests will be attracted to such a beautiful detail.


And now I will tell you a little about the functioning of such a box. At the front, as we can see, there is a transparent wall through which you can see envelopes falling in, there is also an inscription on the wall that the bride and groom chose. At the top there is an inlet through which we throw the contents. Of course, you probably started wondering how to take out what's inside - it's not difficult, there is also a place on the box that opens so we can take out our envelopes.

So that's it for today's blog, I invite you to follow us here and take a look at our assortment, which will surely contain something that will be perfect for you.