Wooden Wedding Invitation, Rustic Wedding Invitation
  • Wooden Wedding Invitation, Rustic Wedding Invitation
  • Wooden Wedding Invitation, Rustic Wedding Invitation

Produkt jest wykonany w całości w mojej pracowni w Polsce, co gwarantuje wysoką jakość , szybką realizację i dostarczenie.

Invitations are an indispensable element of any wedding ceremony. They help introduce guests to an unforgettable event. Our invitations are designed for the bride and groom, their guests and the nature of their wedding. Modern Wedding Invitations are perfect for lovers of wood and ecology. Created with care and details, they will fit perfectly into many weddings and other occasions. They are made of the best quality wood, so they amaze with their appearance. Original, and in addition stylish, this is how we can describe them.

Dimensions: Height: 15 cm

Width: 10 cm

Thickness: 0.3 mm

Double-sided engraving

How to order invitations?

After selecting the number of pieces, in the e-mail message, please provide the list of guests, the place of the ceremony, the name and address of the restaurant where the wedding will take place, and all information that is to be included on your invitation. The names from the guest list sent to us by e-mail will be COPIED! So we kindly ask you to check the exact correctness of each name and surname.

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Wooden Wedding Invitation, Rustic Wedding Invitation

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