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The wedding begins and ends with the bride and groom, so their appearance is also important. As we know, everyone has different tastes when it comes to mode, which is why this part of the blog is the so-called help for lost young couples.

Let's start with the bride's dress. This and most likely the next year, simple dresses without a lot of detail will reign supreme. As I mentioned in the last part of the blog, minimalism and simplicity are liked in 2022. Which of course does not mean that if any of you like small accessories or decorations on your outfit, you must give them up right away.


The most liked styles in 2022 are Victorian, vintage, minimalist, elegant and modest. Now let's ask ourselves which one to choose. Almost all of them are quite similar to each other, so regardless of your choice, these styles of dress will perfectly fit into any type of wedding.


The cut can be anything, from large necklines to turtlenecks.


The dress should preferably be clean without any unnecessary accessories. However, if you want some, it may have tiny ornaments at the top of the neckline. Recently, beige and dirty white creations have become popular. 4. The most important thing is that you like the dress and that you feel the best in it! Regardless of which one you choose, we bet that it will fit you perfectly and shine on that day.

When it comes to the groom's suit, things are a bit simpler. We do not play too much with the styles here that in 2022 the most popular are ordinary men's suits in black or dark gray.

Here, too, we focus on minimalism and simplicity, that what too much is not healthy. But if we want to add a little decoration, a wedding boutonniere is recommended. It can be made according to the aesthetics of the party, then it will perfectly complete the whole.

Of course, it should also be added that both creations should match the colors of the ceremony and here I invite you to read the previous post on this topic, and to familiarize yourself with the wedding range of our store that you will surely like.

The next post will be a continuation of the topic of trends. Stay tuned